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Promise Land believes that growth and learning happens best in a loving, explorative, and nurturing environment. At Promise Land Preschool, our approach to learning in an early childhood environment explores all areas of development which includes; emotional, physical, social, and academic development. 

We are committed to create lifelong learners, pour into staff's professional development, and give childcare in a well-maintained facility that parents & children deserve. 

We encourage and empower our employees' enthusiasm for learning. As part of our commitment to providing elite childcare, we will help you enhance your skills and abilities through yearly workshops and professional development opportunities.


What we require of a teacher at promise land

  • A commitment to provide a nurturing and safe learning environment

  • A passion for creating lifelong learners

  • A willingness to communicate effectively with parents to partner in their child's education.


As a teacher at Promise Land Preschool, your expectations include:

  • Provide a nurturing environment for all children. At Promise Land we believe that each teacher is called to be here. Each family that attends Promise Land entrusts their child’s safety and care in our hands. Our job is to first love the children and to make them feel safe. Throughout each day, each child should feel special and excited to learn.

  • Connect with students, parents, and co-workers. Ensuring a positive connection and maintaining effective communication with each child, parent, and staff member at Promise Land contributes a healthy working environment.

  • Maintaining your composure in stressful situations. As a teacher at PLP you will work closely with children and staff each day. It is vital that you maintain your emotions and can calmly communicate through the situation.

  • Active in the development of Promise Land Preschool. This includes, but is not limited to, attending parent meetings, participate in employee reviews, attend staff meetings, and attending workshops and seminars that contribute to your professional growth as a teacher.


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