Preparing today for a promising tomorrow.

The mission of Promise Land Preschool is to provide Christian childcare and preschool for children and families to enhance cognitive development, instill Christian values, encourage social interaction, and establish the basic building blocks for a successful education for 21st century learners.




At Promise Land we have core values that are instilled into our program to give you the care that you deserve.

Foundationally, we believe that these core values allow children to play, learn, and grow best. 


Love of Christ  //  education  //  communication  //  safety + security  //  relationships

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Love of Christ

As an outreach of Canaan Baptist Church, we try to show the love of Christ to everyone who walks through our doors. Not only do we have daily Bible teaching in each classroom but we have a weekly chapel where we get to come together with our school and Canaan staff to learn about the Bible. We feel that we are called to love like Christ, and our staff works to ensure that each child and family is treated with kindness, love, and respect.


At Promise Land Preschool we believe that learning is best done through play and having fun! Our custom curriculum allows teachers to provide opportunities for hands on learning and activities for the kids to engage in all day long. We believe in learning through interaction, exploration, and creativity. We work closely with parents to see what milestones are being met for each individual child through tri-quartely assessments. We ensure that children are well prepared for school that go through out Kindergarten Preparatory program that not only focuses on education, but self care, social skills, and being a good friend. 


Communication between parents and staff is something that we pride ourselves on at PLP. With clear and effective communication, our staff can encourage what is being taught at home, and parents can encourage what is being taught at school. As many like to say, “It takes a village”, we believe coming together as unified caregivers allows for the children to succeed and be comfortable inside and outside the classroom. Each classroom has a communication method that has been found to work best for their children, whether it is a notebook or a folder, teachers want to share how each child's day went and the fun things they learned. From being greeted as you walk into the front door to pick up at the end of the day, Promise Land wants our families to feet comfortable and confident in the care they are receiving.

Safety + Security

To be able to provide a premiere level of care and education for children it is at the utmost importance to maintain safety and security throughout our building. In addition to our front door security keypad, lock down procedures, walkie talkies, and security cameras; we do monthly drills and training sessions with our staff to ensure optimal security. We are always looking for new methods and researching ideas to further improve the security measures around Promise Land to keep our children and staff safe. 


Leaving your child with someone else can be one of the hardest things a parent does. At Promise Land we understand that difficulty and want to make coming to school is a smooth transition for mom, dad, and child. From greeting families at the door, being with loving teachers all day, and to seeing a friendly face at pickup; Promise Land is committed to making each child feel special and loved. Children need trusting relationships in order to feel loved, accepted, and safe. Our dedicated teachers are committed to making each child feel unique, cared for, and safe.


Promise Land Preschool is an outreach ministry of Canaan Baptist Church. Canaan has a family-focused mindset that is centered around connecting you with God, people, and purpose. in turn, one of our goals is to connect our staff to their purpose & connecting our students and families back to Christ. We have different events throughout the year that allows our families and staff to be in community with one another & connect with people in that manner that are in the same local area. As the body of Christ, we are thankful to have the opportunity to serve our community by providing quality child care in the St. Louis area. We work closely with the church to maintain a clean, well-kept facility that offers many unique learning environments for our children.