Our Camp Discovery staff is comprised of energetic & inspiring teachers who bring a multitude of talents and assests to our program! Many of them are in school working towards degrees in education, which makes it a perfect fit for our kids and our program! Our staff prides themselves on personal relationships with each child, which we have found motivates and inspires the kids to be their best. The camp staff loves to have fun right alongside our campers, so we can promise an engaging and interactive camp experience for your child!


Ms. Courtney  //  Ms. Courtney has been at Camp Discovery for a couple years now, and loves building relationships with all of the campers! Her favorite part about camp is seeing all of the kids participate in our daily worship time.She attends Greenville University and will be double majoring in special education & elementary education.

Mr. Chad   //  Mr. Chad is one of our new counselors this year, but not new to Camp Discovery. Mr. Chad has been leading our worship time for the past few years, and is excited to finally join our team of camp staff! Mr. Chad loves making music with the kids along with teaching Spanish & playing games! He attends Purdue University & enjoys spending is time off with the campers!

Ms. Elora  //  Ms. Elora has been working with Camp Discovery since 2018 & has been an awesome addition to our staff! She is going to school at UMKC, studying biology. Her favorite part about our camp program has been getting to see everyone's personalities come alive during games, field trips, spirit days, and all of the fun activities that they do. 

Ms. Katie   //  Ms. Katie is one of our new camp counselors. She currently attends Missouri State University in Springfield. She loves coming to camp each day, knowing it's a new day and ready to laugh alongside the campers! 

Mr. Korey   //  Mr. Korey is a veteran counselor in our program. He has been with Camp Discovery since 2013 & enjoys coming back throughout the summer to lead lessons, play games, and of course, field trips! He works in the Fox school district, so he enjoys getting to spend his summer with the campers!

Ms. Natalie   //  Ms. Natalie is new to our program this summer. She loves to play sports with the campers and have fun!