LUNCH MENU  //  2018 - 2019 

Promise Land has a 3 month rotating menu schedule throughout the year. 

The menu schedule is as follows:

Menu A   //  September, December, March, June

Menu B //  October, January, April, July

Menu C  //  November, February, May


If a child is on a special diet/food allergies the parent will be require to provide ALL food for the day, this includes breakfast, if they are here, lunch, and 2 snacks. All food must be brought in a lunch box with a cold pack. We are a completely NUT-FREE facility, so you can not bring anything nut related (peanuts, tree nuts, peanut butter, baked goods contained nuts and any form of nut oil). You will notice the use of sunbutter throughout our menus, which is a peanut butter (nut-free) substitute. 

For children with special nutritional or medical needs or any food allergies, PLP requires that parents complete a Medical Care Plan. This form helps the staff to ensure that children are protected from contact with problem foods. If a child is in need of additional.ongoing care for medical or physical treatment a Care Plan will be prepared by their primary care physician or other medical specialist.